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A list of the participants and a link to their blogs.  A link to their wikis are on this page.  

A netvibes start page with links to participants' blogs is also available for you all to keep up with each other after the class!


Jeanne Sullivan http://jeannessandbox.wordpress.com/

Suzanne Jackson http://suzyjax.wordpress.com/

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Jennifer Millikan http://stlmillie.wordpress.com - Kirkwood Public Library http://www.kpl.lib.mo.us  

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 Hi this is Christal http://mexicomolibrarian.wordpress.com  I'm from Mexico, MO

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Kyle Constant http://kc20.wordpress.com - Trails Regional Library http://www.trl.lib.mo.us


Jenifer Cook http://Jcnerdgirl.wordpress.com


Brenda Techau http://librarianb.wordpress.com


John Pace http://wclblog.wordpress.com - Webster County Library - Marshfield Missouri


John Pace http://wclblog.wordpress.com/ - Webster County Library Blog


vernelle http://113front.wordpress.com


Taneesa Hall http://tanhall.wordpress.com Christian County Library http://christiancounty.lib.mo.us


Seth Hershberger from Cass County Public Library has a blog at SeThink.


Cheryl Lang      http://albanycarnegielibrary.wordpress.com


Jason Long  http://oaklandstyle.wordpress.com


Jean Morrison http://jeanmorrison.wordpress.com


Cindy Youngblood   St Clair County Library   http://scclibrarymo.wordpress.com


http://huio.wordpress.com - Ivy 

Comments (5)

tanhall said

at 10:10 am on Aug 13, 2008

Taneesa Hall http://tanhall.wordpress.com Christian County Library http://christiancounty.lib.mo.us

Seth Hershberger said

at 10:24 am on Aug 13, 2008

cool bloggin'!

stclaircountylibrary said

at 1:05 pm on Aug 13, 2008

Cindy Youngblood
I will get caught up with you soon on this new to me tech stuff

suzyjax said

at 2:15 pm on Aug 13, 2008

I set up a new page for Wiki links, see sidebar.

Jean Morrison said

at 2:24 pm on Aug 13, 2008

This is a comment so I can contribute to the site--I hope!

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